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Garage Door Repair

Whether your door suddenly stopped working or an incident caused damage to your garage we can perform a quick consultation to help you get things back on track. A quick consultation will allow our team to see what is going wrong so we can start taking steps to make things right again. We can also recommend the right maintenance to keep your door working the way it should be and ensuring that your setup is within regulation according to the latest safety standards and regulations in the industry.

  • Inspections, alignments and maintenance
  • Install new doors, keypads or openers
  • Receivers, transmitters and sensors
  • Adjust openers

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Oak Lawn IL

Garage Door Cable Repair

Broken Garage Door Cable Oak Lawn ILIn most cases people need other repairs when their door starts malfunctioning. If the cable is damaged or malfunctioning your door will not open at all. If this is the case the cable will need to be removed and replaced with a new one so that the motor will be able to lift the door again. This is a quick fix as long as the right weight of cable is appropriate for the type of motor and door that are installed.

In many cases a garage door repair expert will notice that the cable attached to a door is starting to fray or stretch while performing other repairs. They may recommend replacing it or having the cable repaired to make sure the door will not stop working in the near future. If a cable is damaged it should be visible and easy to verify. The repair technician will be able to point out which areas are damaged and provide expertise about whether or not the cable should be replaced and what could be done to make repairs.

Garage Door Operator Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair Oak Lawn IL

Garage Door Off-Track

Garage Door Offtrack Oak Lawn IL

  • Reset tracks
  • Expand track height on new construction

If your garage door is opening at an odd angle or will not open and close all the way it is likely off its track. If you go inside your garage you may notice that the wheels on the side of your door panels are not sitting on the metal tracks that sit on either side of the door. If the wheels are still in place on the door a technician can lift the door back into place. If you are expanding the size of your garage door a technician can install new tracks that will be large enough to accommodate the larger door you will put in place.
Garage Door Repair Services Oak Lawn IL

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