Garage Door Repair Oak Lawn IL

Garage Door Repair Service Oak Lawn ILHere at Garage Door Repair Oak Lawn IL we know if your garage door has stopped working, it’s time to call a professional team to deal with the problem. Calling a professional means you will get all the manpower you need to reset your garage door and make a comprehensive call about what parts are the best choices to keep your door running the way it should. Whether you need repairs made or you are looking to upgrade to a newer model our sales team is available to help here in Oak Lawn, IL.

Garage Door Repair Service Oak Lawn IL
Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Oak Lawn IL
Springs can get stretched as they work to hold up your door. If they are exposed to the elements they can also get rusty which can cause them to start wearing out. Eventually a spring which has become damaged will snap which means your door will not be able to move up and down properly.
While it can be alarming to notice your door moving up and down at the wrong angle or getting stuck because it is no longer being lifted properly, this is a relatively easy fix. In most cases only a few springs will need to be replaced in order to get your door working properly again. There is no need to take apart the garage door or the opener which will cut down significantly on the repair time.
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Oak Lawn IL
If you are getting a new garage door you probably want a new opener to go with it. This will help make sure you have the right motor to lift the weight of the door and the most energy efficient model on the market today. Installing a new opener is simple and can be paired with any other repair or upgrade work that might need to be done.

You can also upgrade your new garage door opener with top of the line accessories such as sensors or an external keypad to add convenience and security to your garage. If any of these items are damaged and in need of repair they can be adjusted while one of our team is working on your garage door opener. When any work it done on your opener we will check to ensure that it is programmed correctly to make sure you will not have any trouble operating your door in the future.

  • Upgrade openers
  • Broken opener replacement or repair
  • Inspection and comprehensive maintenance
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